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Oh, how times have changed love!
I've actually thought about this before. When my grandparents tell me about how they fell in love, they laugh at lot telling me how my grandma had a different boyfriend, that her family didn't really like, so they always encouraged my grandpap to hang around a bit (he was friends with my great uncle) in hopes they would hit it off. While they didn't right away, it worked out one day that my grandpap was at her house when she came home after being stood up for a date or something, and he offered to take her on a drive. Nowadays, I feel like their story might be confused as "creepy" as well, but I think it's all in perception, really!
The world changes, love changes, lives change, but one thing remains: there will always be someone out there for us!
Grandma seems a little tooooo trusting to me!
"he wouldn't take no for an answer" = he's a sexist pig now lol.....such big shifts in how we think of people's actions!!
LMAO THIS IS SO ACCURATE. It's amazing how time changes perspective.