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Films to Make You Ugly Sob

Sometime you just want a good movie to cry over, and I am in that mood right now. It doesn't have to be a romantic drama, just something that hits your right in the gut. I think this list is pretty all-inclusive as far as genres go: I have romance, action, history, and even cowboys!
Add in the films that have broken your heart in the comments!

A Walk to Remember

(Please disregard the Swedish subs...)
This is the ultimate movie for crying your eyes out. First of all, Mandy Moore is stunning and plays probably the best role in her entire career. The story could have been (and admittedly is as points) horribly cheesy but that won't stop you from ugly sobbing from start to finish.

The Fault in Our Stars

So if your mom, neighbor, friends, or dog hasn't told you about this book turned to movie yet and how much it made them ache inside, then you need to come out from that rock you're living under. It's a classic teen romance with the gut-wrenching addition of terminal cancer. It's a undeniably beautiful story that will leave your heart shredded.


Oh ho ho! You didn't expect aliens in here, did you!? Well, I am here to tell you that this movie has made me a snotty-drooling sobbing mess since I was 7. Seriously. This adorable wrinkly candy-eating alien suddenly gets sick, taken from a loving family, put in horribly scary situations, but still loves the human race. I alternate between screaming at the TV people to let ET go and ugly sobbing into my pillow. Every time.


[SPOILER ALERT] Leonardo Dicaprio DIES. Like, obviously we knew that the story was going to end badly for a lot of people (it is the Titanic, after all) but why did James Cameron have to make such a heart wrenching love story? Why did he have to break my heart like that!?

Romeo + Juliet

Leonardo Dicaprio dies AGAIN. So we should all know the story of the star crossed lovers, but for some reason seeing Claire Danes and Leo as the two doomed teens does so much more damage than any book or play would do. Did you know that during filming, Claire Danes (who was supposed to be in a coma while Leo was giving his final speech before killing himself) had to redo the scene multiple times because she kept crying? Powerful stuff.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This is hands-down my favorite role Will Smith has ever played. He is an incredibly loving and hard working father than literally lays everything down to get a job that will help him give his son the life he deserves. It will have you tearing up from the very first scene and wanted to go out and change the world from the last one!

Brokeback Mountain

There is nothing more heartbreaking then a story of two lovers who can't be together. This film is beautifully shot and will make you want to slap everyone in the film at least once.
"I wish I knew how to quit you"
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@galinda There, there. ;)
@beywatch HEY! It's SAD!!!!
Did you really ugly sob during ET? YOU SOFTIE.
A Walk to Remember & Romeo and Juliet are my downfalls! I also sob watching really happy movies sometimes?
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