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Hello everyone! It's greggr, the creative writing community moderator. Here are this weeks featured cards: enjoy! As always, be sure to comment, like, clip and show how much you like reading them.
I'll keep it brief this week! Make sure to check out these cards and their amazing authors!


This piece by @DJamesBreaux is another standout in his collection of really awesome poems. You should really check out the whole collection. This piece will be featured for 1 week!

She Taught Me About Life

This piece by @Richs14 is really beautiful, and it talks about how we can learn in love and what we can learn in love, which are two lessons we should all probably pay close attention to!

Beauty and Her Words

This piece by @Voltron15 is another great one in his collection, "Her."


This piece by @WyattHaste is a nice return piece from Wyatt as he comes back to Vingle! Good to see him: check out his piece to commemorate his return.
And that's it for today! Check out all of these pieces, share your own, and get involved! I'd love to see your writing. Have a great week!
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Truly a pleasure to be included with such an amazing group of writers. Thanks @greggr
3 years ago·Reply
glad you included me as well this piece I wrote had much of my heart into I didn't think many would admire it as much as me, thank you.
3 years ago·Reply
These were really great to read, thanks for sharing!!
3 years ago·Reply
Good choices!!! :D
3 years ago·Reply