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So interesting! :DDD i really want to encorange people to watch this! such a good drama so interesting !:D its about cops and drugs and stuff~ so if you like this sort of thing watch it! (: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highs_and_Lows
it's a chinese drama? what is it about?
! its a hong kong drama! i havent finished it but from what im up to its pretty good~ its like about these cops~ that mainly catches people that sells illegal drug ~ but then it goes all crazy! cause then this dude in the police force ended up being a drug dealer ! this bit got me hooked so i stared watching it~ !((((:
aha i used to watch hong kong drama a lot when i was young. can u put up more info? u might want to request for a party and post some info so more people can see :)
yup! will do~((((: