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Hey guys, remember that Katy Perry album that came out in 2010? You know, the one with "Firework" and "California Gurls"? The one that isn't even Katy Perry's most recent album? How would you feel if I told you that, as of this week, that album - 'Teenage Dream' - has been on the Billboard Top 200 charts for nearly four years now?
Katy Perry is only lucky number 25 on a list of impressive artists who were able to keep their album sales steady on the Billboard charts for 200 consecutive weeks. Others include Nirvana ("Nevermind"), Mumford and Sons ("Sigh No More"), and Taylor Swift ("Fearless").
'Teenage Dream' debuted at #1 and has sold nearly 3 million copies. It has also generated five #1 singles, a feat that was only ever accomplished by Michael Jackson's 'Bad' album.
This is an incredible milestone for any artist! Congratulations, Katy! (Now here's that title track again. You know, for old time's sake.)
Does that mean I graduated high school three years ago?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Go Katy! This is seriously one of her best tracks :)
What?! I mean, Teenage Dream is a jam, but 4 years?!
@kristenadams I think so too! :)
@galinda I know. I was a little shocked myself. That's such an old album at this point, and people are still buying it!