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At any age you should:

1. Get in the habit of wearing sunscreen. It's the most effective way to prevent wrinkles, brown spots and other signs of aging!
2. Get enough rest and stay active. This habit will keep your blood flowing and everything else running smoothly (e.g. good complexion).
3. Invest in a good moisturizer. Cleanser literally go down the drain after a couple of minutes, so if you are spending on your skin go for the moisturizer.

At age 20-25, focus on hydration.

1. Drink lots of water. At this age your skin will slowly hold less moisture, so be sure to stay hydrate to replenish moisture loss!
2. Choose a gentle cleanser. Avoid ingredients that strip off the skin's oil and try to choose products that balance and provide moist.
3. Use moisturizer. You should already be in the habit of doing this, if you haven't -- start now!

At age 25-35, focus on prevention.

1. Continue to moisturize. As your skin age, choose 'thicker" moisturizers such as cream-based to really fight fine lines.
2. Begin using products with vitamin A. Retinol and Retin-A are great tools for acne-fighting and anti-aging. The best way to start is incorporating this to your eye-cream since the first sign of aging starts from the eyes.

At age 35+, focus on maintenance.

1. Keep your skin regimen going. This is not the time to replace your product but to look for an even high concentration of Vitamin A and C to fight any pigmentation.
2. Stay active. 30 minutes a day of walking, jogging or yoga can really keep your blood circulating and face glowing. Don't neglect the importance of exercise!
Hopefully some of you found this helpful. It's not too early to start prevent anti-aging, so don't wait until it's too late!
I still struggling with stage one - sunscreen. I never got in the habit of putting them on. Which is why I'm starting to see freckles!
I need to look for a good retinol eye cream now.