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Fans from korea: Maru lost his memory..and became a doctor in his old neighbourhood(?) Eun Gi gave up Taesan and stayed with Maru..she opened a bakery(the one below in pink) [image 2] looks like an open-ended ending.. [image 3] did you notice that Maru’s changed his hairstyle again? godddd…don’t tell me that they meet again after a billion years.. and DON’T EVER TELL ME the ending will be like.. they will meet beside that wall again and maru mispelling eungi’s name and then smile at each other…!!! cr : missmoniqueunique@tumblr
Actually, after watching ep 19, this seems to be for me the closest guess to the ending for NC.... the last part where Kand Maru asked Eun gi to run away with him is what made me say this.
what? is this true?
This drama really gets us, viewers, hold on to our seats! Whatever turn the story will take I'm happy that Maru and Eun gi really love each other....:)
i guess
i hope it will be sad ending.. hahahahahah
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