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For six seasons and over one hundred episodes, Gossip Girl has been providing fans with healthy doses of bonding, bickering and backstabbing among the residents of NYC's Upper East Side. With the long running series set to take its final bow before the end of the year, GG fans have been clamoring to know whether the identity of the mysterious titular narrator will finally be revealed, and just who would be playing the juicy role. The first half of that question is answered, as producers have confirmed that the character will make her first in-person appearance in the series finale. The second half is still uncertain, although today's news definitely suggests that the answer might be the most obvious one. The aforementioned obvious answer would be Kristen Bell, who has voiced the as yet unseen character since the show began back in 2007. Making this result more likely is that Bell is now 100% committed to appear in the finale in the flesh. However, in a curious move, producers have declined to confirm if Bell will in fact be playing the infamous "Gossip Girl", or of she'll be playing a completely different role. I wouldn't at all be surprised if Bell's booking is simply a way to throw fans off the scent of the real surprise guest they have lined up to play the narrator. The Gossip Girl series finale airs on Monday, December 17th at 9pm. The final broadcast will be immediately followed by a retrospective look back at the show. What do you think? Will Bell portray the titular Gossip Girl? Or will she be playing someone new?
It's not sure yet if she will appear as the gossip girl! We'll have to wait & see!
finally!! GG's voice will show her face!! ^^