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Just got invited to a party, date or interview? When it comes to makeup and fashion I am pretty much speechless but if you're looking for last-minute hairstyle I always have suggestions and go-to source in the back of my head! With that said, here are four hairstyles you can rely on for practically any occasion. Special thanks goes out to CinthiaTroung (one of my favorite youtuber) for the amazing hair tutorial below. I tried all of them and the intertwined bun is the one I always come back to. You'll see why after trying it out yourself.
Which bun hairstyle is your favorite?
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The braided bun almost looks like a rose!
the flowers bun is my fave, they are all beautiful but I absolutely love the flower one.
@Mschievous1 Same here The flower bun just looks fun and interesting!
The swirl bun is perfect for work!