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If you ever feel confused when walking through the hair styling product aisle in Target or other beauty shops you're not alone. I also have a hard time keeping up with the beauty terms (since new products hit the market each year). In reality, you only need to know the basic term to get you the right product for your hair type. Here's a glossary to get you familiar with the styling products. Memorize them if you can and you'll look like a pro the next time you shop for your hair. Don't let the sales woman trick you into buying a product you don't really need.
Anti-frizz serum: These product can help repel moisture and prevent frizz and add shine.
Mousse: This product is meant to give you weightless volume. The texture is liquid and it becomes foam once you dispense it.
Molding Creme: Great for adding volume at the root or to define curls. The texture is a bit thick but it also provide flexible hold. Less is more! Due to the texture this may not be suitable for thick hair because it might weigh your hair down.
Pomade: If you're looking for high definition, control and shine this is the product you should go to. They are especially good for dry and curly hair because of the butter-like texture and thickness. Again, less is more!
Shine Spray: This is usually a finish product that add shine. Just keep in mind these have no holding properties so use this as a last step. In addition, don't touch your hair for the rest of the day. Tip: If you have curly hair look for a silicone-based spray because these aid in frizz control.
If you have a term that you want to know but it's not listed, please comment below! :)
I'm always confused with pomade and creme which is why I never use any styling products.
Definitely helpful! I always spend More time than I should in the hair product section.
I was wanting to buy something to hold curls in my VERY STRAIGHT, fine, thick hair, and I was dumb enough to listen to the cvs worker and ended up getting a $10 tube of something FOR people with curly hair. @hairconfetti any ideas of what kind of inexpensive (under $15) "curl holder" that I can use before I curl my hair? If there was something I could use when it's dry, that would be even better.
I remember trying pomade when I was in high school. I never really understood its purpose though.