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ride height??
First top mount I've had. Used to drop through's so the hight feels strange. I'm thinking of losing the risers. Does this seem high to you guys @ktm2014???
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Whats the difference?@Mannith
2 years ago·Reply
when you are at speed you wouldn't lean that much or at least you shouldn't
2 years ago·Reply
Ditch the risers
2 years ago·Reply
those are some pretty lofty risers. I personally only ride that high on my cruiser. (it's a 32"Sector9 Pintail with 1/2 inch risers on top mount Gullwing SidewinderII. ) And only because I want the feeling of carving on a dime. If that's the ride you're going for, I say rock em! If you're bombing hills though. ...I agree with @NickRadis.
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@jaydenwashabaug. I'm having a similar problem lol
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