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B.A.P member's recent Instagram posts
These are the members of B.A.P recent updates to their Instagrams from the past week. I miss B.A.P and their music so much! I hope everything goes smoothly with their lawsuit against TS Entertainment. Aja aja FIGHTING! ✊ 1. Yong Guk 2. Himchan 3. Daehyun 4. Young Jae 5. Jong Up 6. Zelo
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This makes me so sad. BAP COME BACK!
3 years ago·Reply
I know.. I hope everything goes well so they can keep continuing to be a group! @danidee
3 years ago·Reply
I need them back in my life - stat!
3 years ago·Reply
Me too.. I miss them so much! @kpopandkimchi
3 years ago·Reply