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What is this, I don't even know..
I'm not sure if this was posted yet or not. South African downhiller Deçio Lourenço did a car commercial for Peugeot, it's not his first car commercial so I'm not that surprised. The previous commercial was with Mercedes.
This commercial was with Peugeot. Pretty creative, but honestly also pretty weird for a car company to be using a downhill longboarder. Deçio stands on top of the car, his feet and the car out of the frame. He moves like he is on his board, but really he is just standing on the car going through the motions.
I'm not sure if it's green screen or CGI or something, but if it's not then that's pretty impressive.
Uhm. Will any normal people even understand it
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Pretty odd, I would guess that downhill boarding is popular over there to make that commercial so it's cool but still pretty odd.
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I wonder how much he got paid. He must be rolling in that dough
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Think it's weird for a car commercial haha plus I don't think most people will even understand what he's doing
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i think what theyre trying to get at is that the car handles and feels just as amazing as going downhill on his board... idk
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