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Strava has been around for awhile on both iOS and Android for awhile now, but they have just launched the app for the Apple Watch. The watch won't be available until April, but I'm excited to see how it turns out!
The watch app acts very much like the iPhone app, it lets riders and runners track time, speed and distance in real time, notifications when approaching Strava segments they have marked as favorites, and sync activities online with their online Strava profiles.
Apparently the Apple Watch app is much more developed than the Sony SmartWatch 3 Strava app, which was reportedly just a remote stop/start button for the smartphone app that must be running on a tethered Android.
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@troygreene84 well it all depends to be honest. Yes, it is just another piece of tech that isn't "needed," but the convenience is nice. For instance, I am always in meeting and can't always pull out my phone to see who emailed, messaged, or called me. But being able to even just get a glance is nice. The other question is: why not? Most people wear a watch regardless. Why not improve on it.
@Anthonyb I don't know why people think it will be such a big hit, what's the point? Like really what can it do that your phone can't.
@troygreene84 I haven't bought into the smart watch craze as well
Not sold on the watch, but it's cool strava is keeping up!