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A subtle approach to celebrating with friends and family on St. Patty's Day is to create this cool and refreshing Key Lime Dip. Delicious isn't the word, it's better than that! When you have a taste for key lime pie, this is the easy peasy approach to making a dip variety that will never disappoint!
16 oz softened neufchatel*
1/4 cup white sugar
1/4 cup milk
2 key limes juiced (not regular limes)
1. Beat neufchatel and sugar until creamy, adding milk slowly.
2. Stir in key lime juice and cover for one hour in the fridge.
* I use neufchatel because it's got less fat than traditional cream cheese. However, if you want that distinctive cheesecake taste then you should use cream cheese.
Serve this dip with fresh fruits and graham crackers and enjoy!
Well St. Patrick's Day is huge for our family here. We ALWAYS head to North Wacker to celebrate. Not a beer girl here. LOL <3
@DaniaChicago I might not remember too. It is St. Patty's Day after all. ;)
This sounds so refreshing! Sounds like it will be great for strawberries!
I want to make this for Becky
Never heard of neufchatel before. Is that in a special spot in the grocery store?
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