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Commute is one of those things you have to go through everyday if you live in the city. Whether you drive, bike or take public transportation, annoyances abound and are pretty much a given. As a LA resident who works in the west side I have to deal with the dreadful traffic each day. In order to keep the commute a little less awful here's a list of essentials that'll make your journey a bit more comfortable.

1. A good pair of shoes

If you're spending more than 30 minutes in a car, subway or on the road you might as well consider investing in a good pair of comfy shoes. The last thing you want is a cramped foot.

2. An easy to carry and stylish bag.

For college students, keep this in mind: A good quality tote or backpack allows you to carry a lot of stuff without sacrificing your style. Plus, your don't have to complain about a sore shoulder from those heavy textbooks.
Photo: Kendie, Flickr

3. A breezy and relaxed shirt.

During those hot humid weather, you don't want to be driving or commuting with a rib-fitted top on. Give yourself some circulation by wearing a breezy and relaxed shirt.

4. A pair of shades

Protect your eyes from direct sunlight with a pair of trendy shades. It also helps prevent wrinkles because you're not squinting as much.
That's my list of fashion essentials for commuting. What's yours?
My essential is a pair of good shoes and sunglasses! Can't leave the house without them.
Can't go out without a bag. You never know how many unexpected items you get to buy once you go out.
@mikayla You can find it at Madewell or Esty!
Where can I get a tote like that? The color and craftsmanship is beautiful.
@ChelseaHeyes Same except I can't leave the house without my tote!