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A lot of the trails and journeys I've posted about would be too difficult for many people to enjoy! And so, today, I'll showcase a trail that hikers with all different skill sets could manage, and make a great weekend out of even if you don't have skill for overnight camping. Now, don't get me wrong, there are still a lot of steep inclines, but you don't need the technical skill you need for some other hikes and parks.
Mt. LeConte, in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, is a great place to travel! Not only can you get amazing views of the Smoky Mountains and get away from everything, you can stay the night in historic lodges and cabins on top of the mountain that were started by Paul Adams to teach people about the rugged beauty of the area.
This video shows you the journey to the lodge. You'll pass many beautiful sites, and one "dangerous" area where there are some ledges, but the path isn't narrow at all and nearly anyone should be able to make it to the top!
Reaching the summit via Alum Cave is the way to go to get the absolute best sights. It is the shortest (and steepest) trail though, so you can always take one of the other four options.
If you want to stay in the lodge overnight, be sure to make reservations ahead of time! There is no cost to stay here but you must call the Backcountry Reservation Office at (865) 436-1231 to make reservations. The Backcountry Reservation Office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. daily. Also, this trail can be kind of dangerous in the winter: massive icicles often form and crash down onto the trail, making the Alum Cave Bluff part of the trail really dangerous.
The lodge itself has a cool history, and even how the supply themselves is pretty cool: they use a llama train! They used to use horses to bring fresh supplies to the lodges, but due to the damage the heavy horses would cause the trail, llamas have been used for resupply since 1986. Pretty cool, right?
@fallingwater @yakwithalan I don't know if you guys noticed it, but in that Appalachia trail video you liked, they stop through this location, too!
Never thought of the idea of hiking to like a lodge/resort of sorts. Huh. Pretty cool.
This is cool--you do a kind of difficult hike, but can do some more typical "relaxing" at the top without having to make camp and everything!
Very cool. I even like that the lodge is on the mountain, because it's been there for so long that it's pretty much become part of the landscape. I bet there's bears there, though!