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A really weird but kinda cool story came out the non-league yesterday. Grays Athletic manager Mark Bentley, who had joined the club in January, subbed himself into the match with the team down 2-0. He would not only precede to score the equalizing goal to make it 2-2, but he would then get in net after the Grays Athletic keeper was sent off, to save a penalty.
Grays Athletic would win the game 3-2.
I've heard of player-managers before but this is a whole new level. Word says he decided to come on after half-time and a poor 1st half performance.
Pretty cool. He's not an ineligible player?
A true leader!
@CitySarajevo Probably don't have a rule like that in the lower leagues. It is amateur football remember.
@Spudsy2061 Makes a good story.