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Learn how to wear your pack! I posted recently about how to pack the weight in your pack, so I thought adding a video of how to actually wear your pack as well would be helpful.
Watch this quick video to learn how to fasten all those straps in a way that will keep your pack from hurting your back more than necessary, or from causing any problems with your knees, etc. It's really important to have the weight sitting in the right places, so you should make sure you do this!
@fallingwater Sorry, I"ve been offline for a few days! I do indeed try this way, but I mean, there's onlyso many ways to wear a pack after all
@fallingwater Yep! We gotta make adjustments.
@yakwithalan Very true! All our bodies are different, after all!
It's all about finding where the straps need to sit on YOUR body when you're hiking, but this is a good start.
Looks good to me!
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