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5 Rainy-Day Hairstyles You'll Come Back To

1. Braided Crown

If there's any hairstyle that looks gorgeous on natural (rainy day) hair it's the braided crown. It's also an easy way to get your hair out of your face and give you a natural loose lock.

2. Wear a Head Scarf

If you’re fighting frizz, cover it up with a head scarf. Add a few loose curls for a more polished look.

3. Twisted Top Knot

When in doubt put your hair up in a bun. Even better if it's in a top knot. Learn how to create this style here!

4. Mohawk Braided Pony

Don't sweat it. Here's a perfect style that'll get you through gym and a rainy (or stormy) day. Learn it here.

5. Add a Hat

Perfect for light rain and sprinkles. Throw on a hat and cover up any bad hair.
What's your favorite hair-do for rainy day?
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The first look is super cute. Wish my hair was longer though. :/
3 years ago·Reply
The braided crown almost looks like a waterfall braid!
3 years ago·Reply
That mohawk pony is cute!
3 years ago·Reply
How do you this
3 years ago·Reply
Braided hair is timeless. Always appropriate and feminine
3 years ago·Reply