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Just realized Friday lands on the 13th this week and you know what that means -- Black Friday!!! Let's push away those bad luck and show a little Irish pride with seven lucky manicures.

1. Mermaid Nails

Green. Gold. Scales. You need to be meticulous and use a toothpick to put on each glitter to make the 3D effect.

2. Glitter Gold Contrast

Keep it classy with this bold, glittery statement nail.

3. St. Patrick’s Day Rilakkuma Nails

Dying for some cuteness? This Irish-themed, Japanese-infused mani might be my new favorite international combo.

4. Tri-tone Taping

Color blocking just got so much better with this tri-tone sparkly mani combo.

5. Clover Leaf Nails

If you can't draw a perfect clover leaf, put on the real thing and paint to seal the design.

6. Saint Patrick Nail Art

Want to take your nail art to the next level? This St. Patrick inspired mani will blow your mind. It takes a whole lot of talent and patience to put this together.

7. Shamrock and Glitter Tip

Keep things minimal but fun with a glitter french tip and 3D shamrock design.
Which one is your favorite?
tri tone taping and mermaid nails. I adore both
Anything glitter! But I really like the mermaid nails.
I actually think the Rilakkuma nail art is cute. The 3d scale is too much for me.
The shamrock and glitter French tip is so pretty!