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If you're a visual learner this card is for you! I compiled a list of best video tutorial that teaches you how to create gorgeous beach waves (for any hair length). Yup, starting from very short to long hair you'll find a technique that suits you. Take a look below and let me know what you think!

Very Short Hair

Who says you can't pull off a sexy beach wave with short hair? Youtuber stillGLAMOROUS show you how it's done. This look is the perfect combination of messy and sophisticated and I absolutely love it!

Short Hair

Want that effortless and messy look without fussing about with a curling iron each morning? This is a good tutorial from Youtuber Nicole. She also included a lot of information on different hair products that help her with her look, and I really like the final look.

Medium Hair

If you're not into sleeping with braids to get that no-heat loose wave style this tutorial teaches you on how to create a wavy and voluminous lock with a curling iron.

Long Hair

Finally, for long hair ladies you will be surprise how quick and easy this is to do. It might look a little funny in between the process but the result is amazing.
Clip this now because you'll be coming back to it this summer!
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The one for the really short hair...... It was adorable but..... Honey, when I go to the beach (I live 7 minutes from one) I'm NOT spending 45 minutes on my hair, and like $15 worth of products. I don't know about the rest of you all, but I get Sandy, sweaty, nitty gritty, and have a blast!!! The hair will not last through my beach days! LOL! All in all though, I have waist length hair, and it's naturally NAPPY wavy, so I will definitely be trying this technique!!
I just love it!!
@CandieMachacek true! Lol