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News recently came out that stated that officials in the higher levels of government in Florida gave orders to not allow the use of the worlds climate change, sea level rise, sustainability and more in meetings, reports or any projects. These orders were not written into policy, but given verbally and strictly in a way that boiled down to the Department of Environmental Protection in Florida. Meaning that those who were working to protect the environment were not allowed to address the very real cause of much environmental destruction: climate change. You can find all of the details of the report here.
Even though there have been dozens, hundreds of conclusive scientific studies released that prove both climate change and a direct link to human causes for these changes. Still, many conservative U.S. politicians say the science is not conclusive and refuse to work on legislation addressing climate change.
Anti-intellectualism and anti-science sentiments have been a huge problem in the south and rural America for a long time, but for it to spread into organizations that are directly related to solving the problem of climate change, we are stepping into such dangerous territory.
This doesn't make any sense to me! Florida is one of the states most affected by sea levels rising. Floods are happening more and more often. While the ban on the phrase sea level seems to be gone (they released a press conference asking for money to help protect land from this), the other bans still remain. Why does it seem to be that people not in Florida are more concerned about it then officials there who will be most effected? And how can that be changed?
If an organization who is supposed to protect the environment cannot even speak about the problem, how will change ever occur?
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Wow, the fact that they were forbidden to use it in an environmental protection department is too much! Keep your silly politics to the official offices, politicians.