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Apple's new MacBook will start shipping on April 10: are you excited? It's no doubt a pretty device (it comes in gold!) but it does raise some questions because of big changes to the design of the device.
There's a lot that's exciting people about this MacBook, but there are a few things that really stand out to me!
- Single USB-C connector port: supplies power, connects to USB devices, connects to another display
- 13.1mm at thickest point
- Improved Keyboard: 40% thinner, wider keys, doesn't flex or move when tapped
- Three colors: gold, silver and space gray
- Super Lightweight: 2lbs. That's it.
- Higher Res Screen
There's also somethings missing from this. Like the ability to charge your MacBook and play to an external screen or charge another device at one time. And a good camera (the web cam on here is only 480p, a downgrade from previous laptops).
Who wants one? What are people thinking of them?
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@marshalledgar I'm really not sure why the worse webcam. The single port, at least, I can see how its innovative even if not practical.
@sophiamor Yeah, I'm not sure why they lowered the web cam quality!
I am not going to rain on anyone's parade, but I can't seem to understand Apple's strategy here. Why single USB ports? Why a worse camera? Apple stands for innovation, right? This kinda goes against that ingrained mission.
Super excited about the weight and the keyboard but nooo thank you to the gold (I'm sticking to the silver pls!) and crappier webcam!