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While I am most worried about how to set my alarm or which clock in my house is telling me the right time, we should really be worrying about what is happening outside of our home. More specifically on our roads!
A study by the University of British Columbia found the number of car accidents and traffic fatalities climbs in the first week after clocks spring forward. If the usual number of fatalities is 800, it is past 900 this week.
Experts said it’s the slight change in sleeping patterns that affects people’s driving.
Instead of getting the usual eight, other driver might only get seven hours which isn't a huge deal, but it could mean you're not quite as alert. The accumulation of millions of drivers who didn’t get a full night’s sleep results in more crashes.
So be safe on the roads this week everyone!
I've noticed that 30 minutes can really affect me either way; stay safe everyone
Never been in an auto accident. Not even a fender bender. Nothing.