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Mint has officially crossed over. It's no longer considered a trend because its popularity among brides has elevated it to pop status, which basically means it's a thematic staple. It's going to be with us for a long time.
From his 2015 Spring Couture Collection, here are three of Basil Soda's mint gowns that are easily wearable for brides that categorize themselves as fashion-forward and well adjusted to experimental fashion.
You can see the complete collection at or by going to
Agreed @nixonwoman. Agreed
hahaha, you won't believe how close I came to choosing mint for my color instead of Tiffany Blue. They may look the same but they are different
I heard the designer was inspired by a Japanese photographer, whose art led Soda to develop the lines and piping for the collection. My aim in showing gowns like Soda's is to let brides know it's okay to go off the grid a bit for their perfect wedding vision. Not every bride has to wear a "bridal" gown from a bridal store.
I love the architectural look of the bodice!
Gorgeous! This is what I want to see the bride wear at the next wedding I attend! Gorgeous!!