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Future Cosplays & Cosplaying with your Friends

Recently, all my friends have been posting "Future Cosplay albums" on Facebook, and I'm loving them! I'll have to put mine on Vingle, too!
I can't wait to see so many of these cosplays come to life!
I'm also realizing more and more how lucky I am to have such an amazing, supportive, talented group of friends to cosplay with! Everyone helps, everyone gives emotional support, everyone is genuinely excited and proud of each other for what we create. Even when we cosplaying from different series, it's so much more fun and special when they're around!
Future cosplays aside, there are some cosplays I can't wait to get to wear again. Our Madoka Magica group is at the top of the list! Crossing my fingers that we get the opportunity to do this all together again soon! I'm talking to you @hikaymm :P
I need to sit down and make my lists of what I'm going to cosplay!
Hope you guys get to do it again--I want to see more pics!
That's a pretty cool way to bring Kyubey to life
I've never seen this before! Cosplays are ace!
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