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So I bought my caliber all 44* trucks and I want new bushings. Any ideas for medium downhill
You should try to get a bunch of bushings in the 85-95 duro from different companies for there are different formulas and shapes that may feel great to you. I like riptide for their bushings are machined, three different formulas and different shapes
to really tune your trucks you should use an array of different bushing and styles of washers. everything changes when you switch things around
If your looking for a brand Venom is very good. But if your asking about what kind of duro and type that all depends on you. I personally like to use 92 duro barrels for everything.
Awesome! Price? @MichaelNieves
@IsaacPaulR Just look it up on muirskate. you get a set of 8-16 bushings of your choice. you can get a sack of double barrels, barrel/cones etc. You choose what range you want your bushings such as soft, medium, hard and get a range of different duros. It's pretty good to experiment with bushings.
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