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So I bought my caliber all 44* trucks and I want new bushings. Any ideas for medium downhill
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to really tune your trucks you should use an array of different bushing and styles of washers. everything changes when you switch things around
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Get a sack of venom bushings off of muirskate and mix then up to see what fits best for you. That's what I did.
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Whats the details on the sack? @MichaelNieves
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@IsaacPaulR Just look it up on muirskate. you get a set of 8-16 bushings of your choice. you can get a sack of double barrels, barrel/cones etc. You choose what range you want your bushings such as soft, medium, hard and get a range of different duros. It's pretty good to experiment with bushings.
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Awesome! Price? @MichaelNieves
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