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A picture of Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won was recently released. -WTF!!!! Why does it looks like Maru ssi's been stabbed? Now I'm having a feeling that this will end in a what we so called "not happy, tragedy, sad" T_____________T
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oh.. i hope they can live together also ma ru won‘t have amnesia ...finger cross
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it's the finale!! i was busy so didnt carch up on ep 19.. will be caught up tomorrow too.. so i guess weekend be it... guys update me on whether it's happy or sad end
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@neaa..i will...^^ sad at the same time excited that it's gonna end... hope for a happy ending until the end... hey did you the picture of maru with a wound on his tummy? he was with eun ki..
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yup.. fingers crossed ... every wound is not fatal..hopefully!
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that wound! no--Maru!!! Okay, he's not gonna die with that wound right? I think it's not fatal anyways.
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