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Take a look at what just might be the next big thing in motorsports.
Yes, this is a sport....
High speed dinghy racing is one of the most extreme motorsports out there.
Equipped with one navigator, one driver, and one dinghy, teams of people join up to participate in this growing extreme sport.
Don't be fooled by the smooth turns and perfect wrong move and you'll be tumbling up the shoreline.
The sport is rooted in a rich history of dinghy racing in Australia, led by those brave enough to hang out over the hull and rip a turn at 20km/h.
@AlbertDeCastro I'd be scared about hitting some wake from another boat and just flying off
Woah a branch to the dome seems likely tho
I would totally try this lol
These guys are hanging nearly all the way out of those boat. Damn they are crazy down in australia