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And he's back! Disney has officially announced that Tim Burton will be the director handling their upcoming live-action "Dumbo" movie. Ehren Kruger, the screenwriter behind the last three “Transformers” movies, has penned the script, and Disney has moved forward with pre-production, where Kruger will produce the film alongside "Tron: Legacy" producer Justin Springer.
After the success of "Alice" and "Maleficent", Disney has begun reworking many of their animated classics into live-action feature films. Of course, "Cinderella" was released this week, and "Beauty & The Beast" has been working to cast their leads, which currently includes Emma Watson and Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens.
What do you guys think about Tim Burton handling "Dumbo"? Personally, I can't stop laughing at the idea of someone so dark and kind of austere working on a film with live baby elephants as the main stars. Oh, to be a fly on that wall.
I genuinely cannot wrap my mind around what this might be like.
Tim Burton is a mad scientist director.. who is also a creative genius. It will be quite interesting to see what his wicked mind comes up with for our timid flying elephant. After what he did with sweet old Alice, I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation! I didn't care for his adaptation of Cinderella. There was hardly anything unique about it at all. I felt like I'd seen it already. I'm really hoping there are some elements of surprises in Dumbo.
@beywatch Definitely. Somehow, elephants won't be nearly as cute as live-action. I mean yes, elephants are still cute, but no in the animated adorable sort of way.
@amog32 The rest of the live-action films made more sense, but the idea of a live-action Dumbo is a little strange.