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A wingsuit skydiver went out for a jump with his buddies just like any normal day. However, today was not such a great day for his parachutes.
Case in point. The first chute failed to open properly, so the skydiver was forced to cut away and pull his reserve.
Little did he know that the main chute was still attached to his harness and it caused a catastrophic failure in his reserve chute, sending him plummeting toward the ground.
In the end he was incredibly lucky that both failed chutes were still open enough to keep him from falling at a deadly speed. He was lucky to walk away from this jump with only bruising.
@TeamWaffles I think it has to do with the type of release system he had. It says in the video that he will not be using that system ever again (for obvious reasons, lol)
Huh, I wonder why the first parachute didn't break away completely. If it had he would have been fine
@mikerosa92 Seriously...
Wow, this is why I'm terrified of skydiving
Glad he is okay. That could have gone so much worse