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So a couple weeks ago, I wrote a review for Butterfly, a Vitamin Water-esque soft drink created by Mariah Carey that is sold at Walgreens. The same makers, New York-based Go N'Syde, also have an offering called '40/40', named after Jay-Z's Manhattan night club, Club 40/40. 40/40 is a collaboration between the company and Hov himself, so naturally, I had to pick it up and give it a proper taste test. Here it goes!

The Packaging: 3/5

Firstly, you would have no idea that Jay-Z even created this drink if you didn't know that Jay-Z actually owned Club 40/40. It makes you wonder why he chose this route instead of simply naming the drink after something more obviously related to him. Is he afraid to attach his name to the product? There's no reference to Jay-Z on the bottle at all!
On the front of the bottle, there's a huge white square that says "SCAN HERE TO GO N'SYDE". The Mariah one had it too, but I couldn't figure out how to use it. Apparently, you have to download a free Go N'Syde app. The app was really annoying and slow, but when you use it to scan your bottle, all these trippy visuals pop up and former Def Jam CEO Kevin Liles starts talking about how awesome these drinks are. Thanks for letting me know, Kevin Liles. Although I won't know for myself until I try it.

The Price: 5/5

Each bottle is a dollar, but the day that I bought it, they were having a promotional sale where it was only 79 cents! So I have to give it a 5/5. (Although, part of me is weirded out when something that is going into my body is this inexpensive and not water. It makes you wonder what they put in it. But let's not read into it too much, okay?)

The Taste: 3/5

This is actually a lot better than Mariah's drink. Playing off the idea of '40/40', Jay-Z's drink is actually a 50/50 aka a iced tea and lemonade drink also know as the Arnold Palmer. There is a very slight fruity flavor going on, but I can't really taste it too much because it's heavily masked with tons of sugar.
I ended up diluting it with about a half cup of water, and it tasted a lot better. I just wouldn't recommend drinking it straight out of the bottle. It's wayyy too sweet!

Overall Score: C (73%)

When compared to Mariah's drink, I could actually finish the entire bottle of this. Of course, that is once I watered it down some to tone down the sugar. I liked the flavor a lot more too. It was iced tea flavored as opposed to Mariah's weird melted-down gummy bear flavor. I probably wouldn't drink it again, but it was drinkable. So C for you, Hov.
That's a great idea!
@marshalledgar Probably! I bet I could find some celebrity-endorsed fragrances to test out. I know Adam Levine has a new one!
the company used the same bottle mould - lame. Can you do a taste test of junk from my favorite, CVS? @beywatch
@marshalledgar I don't like his singing voice so much. Just his tattoos.
I'm not a hater, just never understood the obsession with Adam Levine. YOu are SO obsessed aren't you?!
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