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Walker Stalkers, brace yourselves! It's official -- AMC is going to feature a "Walking Dead" spin-off that will premiere this summer. AMC president Charlie Collier has confirmed that the channel has ordered two seasons, the first containing a total of six episodes.
According to a CinemaBlend article published earlier this week, actress Kim Dickens of 'Gone Girl' fame will play single mother and former guidance counselor Nancy Tompkins, who is taking care of her drug-addicted son Nick (Frank Dillane) and daughter Ashley (Alycia Debnam-Carey), who is interested in breaking away from her upbringing. Cliff Curtis (Gang Related) will play former teacher Sean Cabrera, who gets involved with the Tompkins family in some way, probably with the help of his own troubled son. From the sound of things, it looks like this spin-off will be focusing much more on character development. I'm hoping this spin-off is awesome. I definitely trust AMC's decisions as far as spin-offs are concerned, especially seeing the success already being seen with "Breaking Bad" sequel, "Better Call Saul". Here's to more blood, more gore, and most importantly, more BRrAAaAAAiiiNnnNnS.
@amog32 Me too! Although I think the plot for the original sounds a LITTLE better..
More BRRAiiiNNNNsss indeed! Lookingforward to this one
@beywatch Agreed, but I'm always up for watching more.
@darcysdiary That's how I felt about the 'Breaking Bad' spin-off, but it's been doing surprisingly well!
I am going to keep an open mind. Whenever I see the word spin-off I get nervous. Crossing fingers...