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I was looking through the Yoga community and stumbled across @Nisfit's old Face Yoga card and had a brilliant (or ridiculous, depending on how you look at it) idea.
@beywatch just posted a card about Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson crashing Paris Fashion Week which reminded me how much I loved Zoolander. I found myself making the Blue Steel face without even realizing it and decided I had better do something useful with my facial expressions instead of just looking at myself in the mirror.
1. I am Really Really Ridiculously Good-Looking Make a big kissy face at the ceiling. Relax, smile really big, and then kiss the ceiling again. Repeat for five times. For a thinner, firmer jaw line. 2. The Mugatu Move Inhale deeply through your nose and tighten up all of your face muscles. Hold this for five seconds (look fierce!) and then exhale through the mouth, sticking out your tongue in the process. Repeat five times. 3. Blue Steel Inhale deeply through your nose and pretend like you're chewing on gum (with your mouth closed) Strick your Blue Steel face while humming out your nose as you exhale. Repeat for four breaths.
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That Mugatu move though HAHAHA
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Will this make me really really ridiculously good looking?!
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I will never get over how funny 'face yoga' is
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Too funny! I will definitely be doing this alone :)
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