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I skated 15 minutes to a nice mellow hill about 7-10 houses long and not too steep to try some sliding. I just have some leather work type gloves rn which works fine because I'm barely pushing 20 mph and I only had time to go down 3 times before I had to go home for dinner. I think I'm going to get the leather Blood Orange gloves sometime soon. But anyway I had tried a few times sliding previously, stinkbug style, and I always kicked the board out from under me, like it bucked out from under me. But by doing it right and putting my weight on my front foot I could do some almost pendies lol Also I know the second pic is terrible by some's standards but I thought the light made it look cool
w concave is the shit!! sounds like you're doing pretty good man @ThtYoungElwoodJ
BURGERS<3 and hey it's a start! @ThtYoungElwoodJ
I forgot to mention that I really freaking love the W concave that this deck has!
@steezster I went out again after dinner(mom made burgers on the grill if anyone was wondering YASS SPRING WEATHER) but I actually wasn't swinging like a pendulum at all now that I think about it. I was doing more of a coleman I think, and I was going slow just because I was sort of scared at first and the hill was small so I ended every slide stopped. The farthest I slid was maybe 3 feet in a coleman, but it was really my first day sliding, sort of broke in my wheels, they started to get a few thane shavings, but not enough to do a review on them