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Je T'aime. The words relapse as i recover from a broken heart. They hit me as hard as lightning strikes a tree, the bark folds back. My heart, dug a hole in my chest, and reserved spot for you. My brain created images, stroke by stroke, my future with you seemed to be more. My stomach became the meadows of a forest, habitat for all the butterflies you gave me. I kept them. But as soon as you left they started to die off! As soon as you forgot, the images became obstructed by the pain! As soon as you left the hole in my chest never filled itself! Repeat! Je T'aime Je T'aime Je T'aime Je T'aime I have to repeat it over and over again because i'm afraid you won't here me. I have to say it again and again because i fear it is not as perfect. I repeat it as many times as i possibly can, because i feel as if it will be felt through the breeze, through the sunlight, through the night time sky. I hate that i kinda miss you, i hate that we don't talk anymore, (my fault) and we're basically strangers. I miss how you made me feel, cause those few weeks made me really happy. I hate that you've moved on, I hate that we don't even keep in touch. I hate that we had all these plans, that will now be forgotten. I just hate it. I wish I could go back and redo everything. I cried the other day, finally. I cried because i couldn't let go and move on. I cried because i felt so hurt. I cried as i spoke your name a thousand times. I cried as i said i was sorry to nobody. I cried as i thought about you. I cried every tear i had kept in since the day. vous vouliez dire le monde a moi, je espere que je voulais dire le monde pour vous. You mean the world to me, i hope i meant the world to you. Je T'aime. Those were the words that meant the world to me. That and "Potato" HJFS
@Voltron15 Alright, I'll wait for it!
The end kind of cracked me up XD now i want the story about "potato"
That was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't help but nod along as I read. and then I got to the end... A fabulously written piece!
lol it was intentional, i was waiting for someone to point it out and ask xD but i'll write about it sooner or later