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Hey guys! Nobody has tried every board out there, and us poor folks certainly can't spend enough to try all that we want. So, I want to write up a review on the board I own (Loaded Cantellated Tesseract), and can hopefully give you guys a feel for what it is like. Hope I do justice and help you guys in any way that I can! First off, some specifications... - Length: 36 inches - Width: 9.5 inches - Wheelbase: 24.5 to 26 inches - Concave: 0.30 to 0.39 inches at the W - Rocker: 0.33 inches - Weight: 4.5 pounds - Construction: See image #2 Loaded Longboards. There are some pretty intense opinions out there, both good and bad. The bad ones say that they are overpriced, only good in marketing their products, and are poorly made using bad materials. The good ones say that they are worth the money, unique and very applicable to all riding, sturdy, fashionable, and are an American made product that helps the economy. My opinion is one in favor of Loaded(; Now, let's get the whole "not really American made" crap out of the way. Yeah, they import their wood from *insert country based off of model,* but that is the end of all foreign involvement. The woods that the boards are made of are some of the best in the world, and America just doesn't provide the same quality naturally. Here is a good example made by some Loaded staff... If a master guitar maker from Italy uses imported Cuban wood, where is the product made? Italy, since the maker is Italian, makes it in Italy, and all proceeds of the product go straight to the Italian maker. Same for Loaded. Out of their own revenue and pockets, they buy the woods, then do all the manufacturing in their locations in California. All work is done by American citizens, and all proceeds go to the American company and workers. Yeah, kinda a long explanation about something "worthless" right? Well, it isn't worthless to me. If everyone buys products made in China, the industry will die in America, causing lost jobs. Call me a dreamer or whatever, but I pick American over foreign with most everything. It gives me a sense of patriotic pride, and makes me feel like I am helping other citizens. So, Loaded being 100% American really makes me proud of what I buy and ride. Now to the actual board... I picked up the board at my local board shop for $215.00 about 5 months back. They had the regular, cantellated, and truncated there, and I had gone into the shop with the intent of getting one of the. The regular tesseract felt kinda long, and sorta uncomfortable when locked into a tuck. The front kick kinda sketched me out, and felt very odd with it there. Before I had had experience with directional boards, I thought they would be kinda inconvenient and that symmetrical were the way to go. Well, no more regular tesseract, I'd just get a smaller double kick board later anyways. The truncated felt really nice, I was able to test ride it. The only problem had with it is it was kinda uncomfortable to have on the street: I really needed a kick. Cantellated it was. Bought it with some calibers and was one happy boy. My first impressions of the board were kinda worrisome, but only because I had never really ridden hardcore with a hardcore W concave, just used to a normal taco shaped flex board. Pushing was uncomfortable as well, since I didn't know how to balance on the W. So, until I found the sweet spots on my board, it was rough. I took it down some hills, and felt really comfortable letting it do all the work. Oh, and can't leave out first impressions on looks. Well, do you believe in love at first sight? Now that I have ridden the board a lot (and am not as awful at boarding), I can give a more accurate review. Wow. Every bad feeling I had as a first impression melted away. I am in love with this board more than any other thing I have staked. I will elaborate on all kinds of riding it can/can't do... Dancing is quite possible, but sorta annoying. It has awesome curves alongside the W that make cross stepping and spins and everything super easy and comfortable. It only has one kick, but a second isn't needed if you just do a switch shuvit or some other stuff to get back to the forward direction. The annoying part is that there isn't any front kick. Remember that awkward feeling I talked about earlier, about downhilling with a weird front kick being there? It is the same feeling, just backwards: dancing is very possible, just kinda uncomfortable with no front kick. Freestyle is awesome, the kick is very very good. It is more of a fatter kick than most, so you can get your whole foot back on it if you want. It makes manuals and any other trick involving one very easy. It is a relatively light board if you have some lighter trucks and wheels, making pop tricks relatively easy (the large kick helps too). Only thing keeping it from hardcore freestyle is the lack of a front kick. But again, not needed to make it work. Cruising/Push is the one downside of this board. It has pretty unique curves, which hurt your feet when you are directly sideways for a long while. There is a nice platform on the front to put your foot on when pushing, and standing on top of the W is alright if you practice and get used to it. But, once you push about 3 miles, the board will start to just feel like an inefficient piece of awkward wood with wheels, not a master work of genius. I boarded 10 miles total everyday to get to and from work, and after a month of it, I said no thank you. After that, I rode my flew board instead. Don't get me wrong, it is fine when cruising with friends and skating the city, but it isn't what you are looking for if you are only wanting to push and go slow. Downhill. Wow. Just wow. This board takes speed like it was born to break speed records (well, kinda was lol). The curves are perfect. I feel like my feet are part of the board. Thats the main feature of this board, it really is a connection between your feet and the road at high speeds, all thanks to the concave and rocker. I wish I could explain how amazing its curves are, but it is kinda hard to without standing on it yourself. I find myself craving those beautiful pockets, so I stand on my board, tucked and all, just in my room. There is a picture above that shows the glare of the light on the board, hopefully that gives you an idea. There is a notable flex when flying off curbs, and only then. It dampens the rumble though, especially with a wider wheelbase. The rocker is so amazing. It is a very wide rocker from truck to truck, making it feel mellow between your feet. You feel low and "in the pocket" of the board because of the mastered rocker. Props to the crew at Loaded, cause these curves are just.. Wow... Freeride is awesome. The rocker keeps you feeling low to the ground, making a topmount feel sorta like a dropthrough. It feels very good and wide under your feet, unlike some boards that feel too skinny (Landyachtz Charlie Horse, etc.) The wheel well flares really give something huge to push on when you want to really get it moving sideways. The board is pretty light, making it easy to control in the slide. The only disadvantage (which makes it awkward a little, not even "bad") is the one kick. It kinda messes my depth perception and where I think the wheels are, cause when riding switch, there is no tail in the back so the trucks are close to the edge, but the front has a ways to go before the edge. The hookup is nice because of the W concave and pockets, really helps you stay planted with even the hardest hookups. The look are just perfection. Idk about you, but I like a classic look, not some scary sketchy graphic. This graphic is absolutely sick, Loadeds best for sure. And where else do you find such grabbing colors and patterns? The cork bottom (can be seen above) really looks and feels AWESOME, and gives a shredded flaking look when beat up, not scratched trashed look. Also makes the life if the board very long. The cubed grip is also pretty classy. PROS: - Concave - Rocker - Sturdy and durable - Stable - Beautiful - American made CONS: - Long distance pushing - Pricey - Stance semi uncomfy when comepletely sideways/perpendicular to the deck - No front kick for certain styles - Stickers don't stick well on cork bottom OVERAL: Amazing board. Not the best "skate everything" board, but definitely "go to board" material. Curves are perfect. Definitely a lookers. Very smooth and damp at high speeds. Perfect for going fast. Amazing racing board that can also travel well and many terrains cause of the kick. Best downhill board I have ever ridden. And in that note... I am selling it. Amazing board, great shape (little awkward self gripped edges on the two patches of personal grip, but not much else), but I just need some cash right now in order to graduate and apply to colleges, and will buy another board when summer rolls around (oh no, not giving up speed boarding). Direct message me for all the details. Hope you enjoyed the review(:
I didn't read everything but there is a damping flex with all loaded boards that is annoying if you go fast
Gotta make the bank somehow! I dont have a drivers license ven though im almost 18... My sister totaled the car twice, both in the month i turned 16. Parents refuse to let me get it or insurance or a car lol
I highly recommend getting one. Amazing board. Loaded gets a bad rap sometime, but they really are amazing. Just cause some say something is "overpriced and overhyped" doesnt mean that it sucks lol. Just annoys me, cause i know how great they are. @mikerosa92
Awesome review, I was looking at the cantellated tessy for awhile. I'd still like to pick one up eventually so this is a nice review to read
and some people don't like it
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