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Here we go! Real Madrid and Schalke in their 2nd leg Round of 16 Champions League tie. Real Madrid enter the match 2-0 up on aggregate. Can Schalke produce something special here to get into the Quarter-Finals?
1' - We're OFF!
3' - Schalke we're breaking forward but a cross that's come in fails to pick out a striker that had almost the entire penalty area to himself. Could have been an easy first goal.
5' - Benzema with a lovely movement of the ball down the left wing but can't get the pass to connect and it's defended out for a corner that's easily taken by the keeper.
6' - Schalke break back up field immediately but the ball that's crossed in just goes over the byline for a goal kick.
9' - Isco gets in on left but it's just too heavy a touch and it's cleared for a corner. Schalke deal with it well but Pepe wins it before the possession is gifted back to Schalke who break down the field and find Choupo-Moting but he puts it wide!
11' - Back and forth a riveting 10 minutes to so far! Choupo-Moting has a chance to cut the ball back on goal but he's deemed, and correctly, to be offsides. Really great stuff at the moment.
14' - Schalke have come out with the mindset to attack. Could be dangerous for Real Madrid, they've looked equally a threat to score.
15' - A break-in by beIN to say Porto have scored to go 2-1 up on aggregate. Nice touch, this was played simultaneously with the Porto - Basel match.
18' - Contested ball fell right to Meyer's feet and he's got a good run in on goal if he can play it smart but he rushes hit shot and it rolls well wide. Schalke are playing with a purpose, this is really enjoyable to watch. Lot of quality touches.
20' - Schalke again with the ball forward. Isco goes down easily and Schalke can bring the ball forward but the attempted cross is out to touch from the defender. Another move forward, Meyer gets it to the wing on a cross that's left off for FUCHS! He smashed that. Casillas gets two hands but it's only into the inside of his net. Schalke earned that goal.
Ream Madrid 0-1 Schalke
Aggregate: 2-1
23' - Schalke forward for the equalizer. Meyer's shot is blocked after is looked promising and Real finally bring it away. Shouts for handball but it was nowhere near a penalty.
24' - Real finally forward for the first time in a little while. The cross is put behind and we have an injury. Corner comes in and RONALDO EQUALIZES. He's completely in front of his man, climbs above them and no one is on the far post to defend it away.
Real Madrid 1-1 Schalke
Aggregate: 3-1
27' - Real play it forward for Bale but he's miles offsides. Game's died a little since the goal (not that much has been played since there).
28' - Real forward, Benzema finds Bale on a sweeping pass into space on the right but the cross is taken easily by the keeper. Might have spoke too soon.
29' - Bale finds Khedira but the cross is well out. Choupo-Moting comes off for Sane here as Choupo-Moting's look to have taken a knock that's still bothering him.
31' - Ball came out for a challenge that Ronaldo goes full in on but carrier completely through his man. He's booked for the challenge.
33' - Schalke again forward. They worked hard for their first goal and need to more but they look to have no issue doing that.
34' - Meyer wins the ball of Ronaldo but gives it to Benzema who passes to Kroos but it's off the defender and out.
35' - Benzema's made a great touch to find Ronaldo who goes in and puts the ball across the face of goal but can't put it in and no one's there to tidy it up. Goal kick. Real coming into the game more and more now.
37' - Schalke trying to find a way through but Real play them pretty tight. Isco's been up to a bit of acting I see as he claims to have been poked in the eye.
39' - WOW! Real Madrid escape a lucky one. They give it away off a blind back pass and it comes off a defender before trickling to the byline and picked up by a Real defender. Could have gone in but was just wide and lacked the pace.
40' - Schalke bring it down and the cut back for Huntelaar but he strikes the crossbar off the volley. It's still there for the team in blue, Meyer for Fuchs but it's saved but HUNTELAAR is there and smashes it home! Game's been incredible so far. Schalke a goal away from taking the tie over.
Real Madrid 1-2 Schalke
Aggregate: 3-2
42' - They want it now Schalke. Fuchs is wide open on the left but his cross it off a defender for a corner. Sane misses the header but it would have been a dangerous one had he. It's cleared by Real.
44' - Real can break here. Isco for Benzema who gets around one before it's cleared to halfway for Bale. Ronaldo with it for Khedira who curls it but it's saved and cleared for a corner that's cleared as well. Back and forth I can hardly keep up myself.
45' - Isco on the left there and it's left for Fabio Coentrao who gives a cross in and RONALDO's there between the defenders for his second on the night! Real back in front by 2 goals.
Real Madrid 2-2 Schalke
Aggregate: 4-2
WHAT A HALF! WHAT A GAME! Amazing football all around. Jumping right into this second half.
48' - Schalke have won a corner here but nothing comes of it. Schalke win the ball back but the ball played to the wing was too heavy and it's out for a goal kick.
49' - Ronaldo forward with the ball who cuts for Isco but under any pressure he drops to the ground mid shot as it goes out for a corner that's taken by the keeper.
50' - Pepe has to put a header out for a corner of a long throw to the byline. Real clear and they're forward on a break but Benzema gives it back before Isco bails him out on a tackle before it goes out for a Schalke throw. Game's not dropped off one bit, this is lovely.
52' - Natasic fouls his man but Bale does look to have gone to ground easily. The resulting play finds Coentrao who's bumped off the ball but it comes to BENZEMA who runs across the face of goal and cuts it into the bottom corner.
Real Madrid 3-2 Schalke
Aggregate: 5-2
54' - beIN have cut in again to say Porto have gone 2-0 up against Basel. In this game Coentrao is booked for pulling back on the kit.
57' - Schalke forward as Natastic finds Fuchs on the wing, cuts back for MANE who curls a beautiful effort from 20 yards out. What a goal, what a Champions League debut for Sane.
Real Madrid 3-3 Schalke
Aggregate: 5-3
58' - 3 changes are made. For Schalke Goretzka has come on for Hoger. Real Madrid have replaced Khedira and Coentrao for Modric, who's making his first appearance since his injury, and Marcelo respectively.
61' - Benzema almost puts in a man alone here but Schalke back the other way. Possession through an hour is 50-50. Really good stuff here.
62' - Corner comes right back but the ball is pumped across goal but it comes off Modric and another corner. Pepe finally gets it clear but Schalke win a throw and are back pressing before it's given away in midfield.
64' - beIN cut in again. Porto now 3-0 up on Basel, 4-1 on aggregate. That tie seems done. Back in this game, Meyer gets played into the edge of the box and his shot on the grass goes just wide.
65' - Bale sends Arbeloa in alone but Wellenreuther denies him.
67' - Real forward now as a cross finds Isco who runs towards the post but the cut back is cleared. Schalke the other way now but the ball for Huntelaar to turn with runs through to the keeper.
70' - Real breaking here as Ronaldo's played to the right post. Finds Isco who cuts it back to Kroos from 25 yards out that requires a good save from Wellenreuther. Corner is put well over by Bale.
72' - Modric finds a lovely ball over the top for Bale, but his cross is deflected and it comes back the other way. Fuchs's cross finds only the Real defense and now they're breaking. Benzema puts Ronaldo in position to cross it but it's cleared. This game has been amazing.
73' - Real trying to find space, Bale fires on it from 30 yards but it's parried away by Wallenreuther.
75' - Real forward here. Ronaldo find Kroos who finds Marcelo and Benzema and Isco play back and forth before Schalke takes it off them and clears.
77' - Schalke move the ball so well with Sane on the right hand side before Goretzka's shot from the cut back weakly and appropriately finds its way into the keeper's hands.
81' - Schalke make their final change here. Barnetta is off for Uchida.
82' - Possession still 50-50.
83' - Real forward here. Bale almost losses possession but Benzema cleans it up before giving it to Isco who almost curls it into the far post. Was a good effort but just wide. Real make one final substitution here as Nacho's on for Arbeloa
84' - The Real attack is broken down and Schalke on the break and Modric finds HUNTELAAR who smashes it off the bottom of the bar and in! What a finish! Keeper had no chance in the world and we've got a game now. Schalke score again and they're through, as it stands Real would just squeak through.
Real Madrid 3-4 Schalke
Aggregate: 5-4
86' - Replaying the finish from Huntelaar, it was a worldly strike. 5 minutes of normal time remain.
87' - Schalke forward, they want this. Sane from 30 yards out and Casillas has to make a diving save on a curler to keep Real in front. We're set for a wild finish here and it's been an amazing game.
88' - Bale almost put Ronaldo through on a counter but Schalke defend it away and are back the other way now.
89' - Let's just play next goal wins please? I don't want this to end it's been fantastic.
90' - Schalke forward. Meter's cross sent back to him, the second cross sent back to him again before Schalke find Howedes who drives it toward the net but Casillas has it. Pepe fakes his injury a bit there as he went there. We are to play 3 minutes of stoppage time.
90' + 2' - Schalke have to throw everything but the kitchen sink now, and then throw the kitchen sink too if they want to advance. Marcelo has to put a ball for Uchida out for a corner. Casillas has it.
90' + 3' - Final minute of stoppage time. Last rush for Schalke. Howedes fouls Isco and Neustadter is booked for dissent.
Full Time
Real Madrid 3-4 Schalke
Real Madrid advance 5-4 on aggregate.
Amazing game. Absolutely amazing game. If there's one game that's been the game of the season in an competition, this is it. Everyone who loves football should watch this game as this is what you live for as a fan of the sport. Schalke have every right to be proud, they beat Real Madrid at home 3-4 but just fall short of going through.
Elsewhere Porto have run out 4-0 winners, 5-1 over Basel on aggregate. 2 more tomorrow now, 4 next week, and the draw the week after for the Quarter-Finals.
@GermanBumbleBee Still a proud moment for the fans. Was a stunning game, my jaw's still on the floor from it.
Feel bad for Schalke. Hopefully we can do better against Juve.
Finally saw the game I see.