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Tease You With A Tirza
The combination of both pearl and peridot gems into one wedding ring has deeper implications that just being gorgeous. To explain it warrants another tall glass of Burgandy.
According to the pseudo-science of gemological healing properties, the purity essence of pearls and the friendly bounty associated to those who wear peridot forge an excellent pairing when entering matrimony. Medieval wedding stones were that of peridot.
Despite historical and metaphysical significance, this antique ring is absolutely precious. You can get it at Brilliant Earth.

Style Number:BMC20101
Design era:Victorian
Condition:Very Good
Metal:10K Yellow Gold
Type:Antique Engagement Ring
Gemstone Total Carat Weight:1.20
Center gemstone details:3 mm half round cultured pearl, cream/gold color, slight blemishes, high luster. Additional gemstone details:Four 5.5 x 4.3 mm oval shaped peridot accents, strongly yellowish green color, eye clean clarity, approx. 1.20 ct. tw.; Four seed pearl accents white to silver overtone, low to high luster, slight to moderate blemishes

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This is a beautiful gold ring. I love the mix of peridot and pearls. So lovely.
2 years ago·Reply
And so affordable too @daniachicago
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What's up with the baby pearl in the top right corner? It's so much smaller than the other pearls.
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