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According to the Talmud, it is essential that all children get a Hebrew education. My parents didn't see the need, and so I never went. However, growing up in South Florida, one could make the argument that I am as Jewish as I need to be.
The title of this card comes from a situation I found myself in recently. I saw this antique wedding ring and made a statement to a jeweler. Regrettably, however, my faux pas occurred in the company of the Coral Gables director of Chabad-Lubavitch, who happened to be standing not far behind me. There I stood lusting for--not gazing at--the magnificence of the giant pearl, surrounded by diamonds. I asked a question, which was in truth, more of a statement. I said, "Is this not the throne of G-d, heralded by a standing ovation of angels?!"
If looks could kill that would be one thing. Instead, I was chided for blasphemy. Now what would you have done in that situation?

Style Number:BPT8368
Design era:Retro
Metal:14K Yellow Gold
Type:Antique Engagement Ring
Gemstone:PearlCenter gemstone details:8.5mm semi-round cultured pearl, cream/rose/green overtones. Additional gemstone details:32 round brilliant cut diamond accents, J/K color, SI2/I1 clarity, approx. 0.8 ct. tw.

this is a stunning ring. where in sf did you grow up
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THis is funny
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haha Glad you think so @daniaChicago
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You are a riot @nixonwoman! I wish I was there!!
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this is a very pretty ring.
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