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Just because you have a date in mind is no reason to send out save-the-date notices to everyone and anyone! Don't send these out until you have finalized your guest list for the reception. Only then should you send out the save-the-date notices. Think of how awkward it's going to be explaining why someone's suddenly not invited...a few months down the line.
Falling in love with a particular flower could spell doom if you're not strategic. Meaning, you can't force seasonal flowers to bloom according to your wedding date. If you absolutely gotta have Queen of the Night for your wedding, then plan everything around the cactus flower that only blooms at night once a year. Catch my drift? Fall in love with colors and styles of flowers--not actual flowers.
Venues book fast! There are companies that specialize in scouting, price negotiating, and all things related to booking your wedding venue, including back up plans. Given the fierce battle for the perfect venue, it isn't surprising to find a waiting list for the ones at the top of your list. If you find a location that you love, make a decision quickly. There's a difference between weighing your options and the inability to make a decision.
Surprise! Surprise! It's three weeks before your wedding and who you thought was your BFF, (and your maid of honor), just did the unthinkable. Now, not only is your relationship on the rocks, but you just had to drop her from the wedding party. Oh, and the shower she's supposed to be hosting is this weekend. Yikes! Lesson here is to avoid picking members in the bridal party too far in advance. It can make for a sticky situation when least expected.
Saving $2,000 for your dress is one thing. But what about the budget for the bridal look? Shoes. Accessories. Veil. Support under garments. Alterations and tailoring. What about all that stuff? Soaring costs come from bad planning and budgeting.
This list isn't meant to be exhaustive. Just a starting point to get you thinking. There will be plenty more wedding planning blunders to avoid that I will be sharing very soon.
If you're already married, did you encounter something that you'd like to share? Please do so.
ouch! that dress budget can be brutal if you don't watch yourself. I kept spending money and stressing out when I had to cut things to make up for my ever-inflating dress costs. :(
Being indecisive is probably my BIGGEST problem. I really need to work on that. It's so tough