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This character is a little more rare to see by a cosplayer: it's Calypso, from Pirates of the Carribean! I love, love, love this dress + makeup + look, but I also really love the wig/hair! It looks perfect, and it couldn't have been easy to achieve unless this was already her go-to hair style (and I don't think it was--look at that detail!)
This is the same cosplayer. Her wig is so nice: not only is it the perfect shape and styling, it also has the right little bits of who knows what else in there (rope, other hair, etc. etc.) that you'd completely expect of calypso!
Seriously amazing look. Well done!!!
I didn't even realize it was a cosplayer! She looks exactly like the character in the movie!
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Her posing is absolutely fantastic. Way to find awesome locations!
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Those backdrops!! Are!! Amazing!! Her cosumte is amazing!! Her makeup is amazing!!! WOW.
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So, so stunning! She still looks beautiful, even in calypso's freaky makeup
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Wish I could send all these comments to her somehow :D
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