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People Magazine broke the story in March last year that Keibler and Pobre, who had been keeping their engagement and nuptial plans a secret, were married March 8th, 2014. I haven't read anything in the news about their one year anniversary plans, but I'm sure it was nice, whatever they did.
In case you forgot, they tied the knot in Punta Mita, Mexico while vacationing with each of their families. It wasn't until everyone was on the plane that Keibler and Pobre informed the families that a marriage was about to take place.
Her white open-back gown was custom-made by Lhuillier.
Are you keeping a big wedding secret? Why so? Does your family know?
Such a happy couple. I actually forgot that they had gotten married. They really did a great job of keeping it a secret!
Mexico sounds like a great honeymoon destination. Her dress is gorgeous!!!