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Spring is going to be big on the double denim trend, but if you don't dig the style you can still be trendy without going full-bod denim! Here's the trick: denim jacket. It’s been a classic for years, and works well for almost any weather, making it a stylish and versatile piece to own. If you don’t already have this wardrobe staple (essential), here’s what to look for when buying one:
1. Make sure the width (when buttoned) is comfortable. Even if you never intend to button it all the way up. It’s a smart way of measuring whether or not it’s the right size for layering with thin sweaters, blouses, and other structured tops.
2. Look for a jacket that is not too tight on the shoulders. The seam over the top of the shoulder joint should lie flat with the arm, and it should never be more than a half-inch inward toward the neck.
3. Find a wash that fits your overall wardrobe style. You want to get the most of your jacket, so look for one that flatters you. A dark jacket minimizes volume on top, and a lighter jacket will draw attention to the area, adding a little more volume. Most jackets have some faded areas, but the more subtle they are, the more uses you can get out of your jacket.

How to wear it?

1. Mix and match it! To keep the trend feeling fresh, mix girly items (floral designs) with menswear-inspired ones.
2. Pair it with formal pieces to get an unexpected evening ensemble.
3. If blue is too overwhelm for you, wear it with colored denims, pants or jeggings.
How do you style your denim jacket?
The second photo reminds me of Miranda Kerr's street style.
Personally, nothing can match better with a denim jacket that a short skirt or a dress. Denim jacket is definitely a must have fashion item!
Ughhh. I hate fitting jean jackets. With other jackets, it's a little bit more forgiving and form-fitting, but jean jackets are nice and rigid, so they have to fit you like a glove!
@maymay75 I've seen that street photo on the web so many times.
The first style looks really festive especially for outdoor concerts
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