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I've been a fan of NC.A since her debut with MY STUDENT TEACHER. Her Latest song : COMING SOON, speaks of a girl who wants to change from cute to sexy so that he'll like her more but....you know (the cliche kpop story.... cute ➡ Sexy ) but its coming soon ... Anyway the song has a cool tempo beat and an addictive chorus with a penguin dance choreography which I find ironical to the meaning of the song but hella Xute... SO of you're into cute girly KPOP CONCEPTS please check her out... Coming soon SHE'S CUTE AND SWEET, YOU JUST CAN'T HELP BUT LIKE HER.... although there's still haterz. Anyway. coming soon... #singing... baby woo woo woo woo woo... coming soon, coming soon.. kidaeri... #
OMG she's adorable!!
I haven't listened to her yet, but I'll look out for her!