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Dumplings, another unexpected food to waffle. This idea came up when I was trying to find a healthier alternative to pan-fry or deep fry dumplings. I have nothing against steam dumplings but any food with an extra crunch taste so much better! So after (some) diligent research I stumbled upon Cooker of Stuff and found a way to enjoy crunchy dumplings without feeling greasy.
The technique is a bit tricky. To get it perfect result (not soggy and mushy dumplings) you have to use freshly wrapped dumplings not the frozen one.
How to waffle?
Place the freshly wrapped dumpling in the waffle iron. Close the lid (but not pressed down all the way) for about 15 seconds. Once the indentations had cooked into the dumpling press the lid down all the way until steam started coming out the sides of the waffle iron (it'll take about 15-20 seconds). Steam is a sign that your dumpling is done but poke and check to see if it's firm. That's it!
Need a dumpling recipe? Check these out: Avocado Edamame Potstickers
You can pretty much alter the recipe and make up your own fillings. Let me know if you do try this out!
Good luck and stay tune for next Wednesday's waffle adventure!
I could not be more in love with this recipe! Companies that make waffle makers should pay you for this collection @AvocadoLove...you're making me look into buying one myself!
Crispy dumplings are my favorite :)
These waffle recipes just keep getting better! I love this collection. :)
These are so much more fun that potstickers!
Avocado edamame waffle dumplings here I come!
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