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Ok, so, what are dark circles? And bags? And how in the world do I get rid of them instead of just covering them up?!

Here's the hard science: for the most part, they are hereditary in nature, but there are some effects (like sleep, stress and diet!) that can actually make them worse!!!

So, follow the lovely Michelle Phan's tips:

2. Treat your allergies!
3. Improve your diet!
4. Drink more water!

And if that doesn't work....

Cover them up! You can use Michelle's tutorial, or, try this tutorial: How to Properly Conceal Dark Circles!
Sleep and water is definitely the culprit for my dark circles.
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Never knew allergy could cause dark circles!
3 years ago·Reply
I really do need to treat my allergies. They're actually commonly referred to as 'allergy shiners'. The allergies make the skin around your eyes so dark that it looks like you got a punch in the face!
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that is correct
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@danidee Dang! I didn't realize they could get THAT bad,e ven after watching these!!
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