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While filming a video, Fayettechill team rider Jared Henry had a little incident in the Ozark Mountains. Bombing down at 40mph, Jared his a deer (and I think killed it).
In order to finish the filming, Jared went back to the top of the hill and hit it two more times before calling the quits.
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Oh deer
Ur so punny @TeamWaffles
That almost happened to me about a year ago. There's this nice road behind my sisters house that's on a steep downhill incline for about a mile. I was going down and this deer stopped in front of me. I couldn't go around it because there was a car coming up on the opposite lane. I panicked and had to throw a pendy and abort.
he is lucky he didnt hit a bigger deer. also lucky he happened to not break anything. if that happened to be a buck he probably would have done 40-0 damn fast
I once had a lizard shoot out from the side of the road, and I just braced, no time to weave. "Go to God" I thought, hoping it didn't tip me. Nothing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him still hauling ass across the street. We were definitly on a collision path. So he either went between the trucks or between the wheels. Walking back up the hill proved it. There, smashed flat on the end, was half of his tail. "You lucky bastard" I said, chucking to myself. HAD to be his, cause mine... not so much